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Is your idea actually viable?

Of the billions of startup ideas generated every day, almost none actually see the light of day. What separates your cocktail napkin startup concept sketch from Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s notebook scribble? ACTION! (and no doubt some talent)

It also takes a thoughtful process to help you determine if your idea can actually thrive as a viable business. But unless you’ve built a startup before, where do you begin?

That’s where we come in. We’ve helped thousands of startups accelerate from concept to launch – now we want to show you exactly how to approach your idea just like the best startups in the world do.

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What Startups.com has built is a platform that can help you at every stage of growth.

Nate Checketts
CEO & Co-Founder, Rhone Apparel

What Your Will Learn


In this phase, we’ll teach you how to develop a research plan that will act as your hypothesis and help guide your approach throughout the idea validation process.

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  • Identify the Problem

    Learn how to distill down the problem you’re solving into a key pain point. Develop assumptions on how to quantify that pain.

  • Understand your TAM

    Gain an understanding of who is affected by the problem you’re trying to solve and how large the problem actually is — your total addressable market.

  • Size up your Competition

    Identify who else is solving the same problem, gain insights into their approach, and drill down into how you will outmaneuver your fiercest competitors.


Expert Validation

We’ll help you get your idea in front of relevant and credible industry experts. From there, you will analyze the data and further understand the viability of your idea.

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  • Expert Selection

    Learn how to identify and engage credible and relevant experts.

  • Key Questions

    Develop a narrow, highly pointed question that produces actionable insights.

  • Analysis

    Analyze the results to identify patterns or insights that can further illustrate the viability of your idea.


Customer Discovery

We’ll teach you a methodical approach to ensure that the problem and solution you’ve identified aligns with what customers actually want — and at a price they’re willing to pay.

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  • Create Customer Archetypes

    Identify and develop personas for your various customer use cases. Clearly define who your customers are, where they live, and why they buy.

  • Evaluate and Choose your Validation Method

    Learn the costs and benefits of various methods of customer validation. Based on your learning, develop a customer discovery strategy.

  • Conduct Customer Validation

    Launch your customer discovery campaign. This may include surveys, paid ads and in person interviews. The key at this stage is gaining quality insights.

  • Evaluate your Results

    After you conduct customer validation, it’s time to evaluate what we’ve learned. This will help guide further action. Pivot, refine and push forward, or go back to the drawing board.


Elevator Pitch

We’ll take all of our findings and boil them down to an elevator pitch — a concise, compelling synopsis of your business and one of the most important tools Founders use to pitch investors, secure partnerships, and more.

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  • Nail the Problem

    We’ve done the research, spoken with experts, and engaged potential customers. Now it’s time to take that feedback and develop a compelling problem statement.

  • Explain the Solution

    At this point, we’ve zeroed-in on a solution — something that we feel we can deliver, and that end users will pay for.

  • Identify the Total Addressable Market

    We should now have a clear understanding of how many people could potentially use our product and how much potential our startup has for growth.

  • Highlight our Competitive Edge

    Now that we have a sense of where we stand among our competitors, we’ll weave our unique competitive advantage into our Elevator Pitch to show how it translates to value for our customers.


Our Bootcamp Includes


Work directly with our talented and experienced team of startup coaches who have helped thousands of startups drive incredible outcomes over the past decade.


Being a founder is hard enough. Don’t do it alone. Engage with your classmates via Slack, email, and forums. As a bonus, you will also have access to over 20,000 proven startup mentors across the globe.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Get access to over 15,000 (and counting) common founder questions answered by experts. This is a great chance to lean on the “collective brain” of our community.

Guided Online Learning

We’ve built custom Learning Management Software that provides our students with a seamless and centralized place to learn, take action and engage.

It’s clear that the team behind Startups.com are entrepreneurs themselves. They have a unique understanding of the problems startups face, and how to solve them.

Jessica Matthews
CEO & Co-Founder, Uncharted Power

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