Validate Your Idea

Dig into the key indicators that signal whether or not now is the time to actually start building your awesome startup idea.

Founder Framework
1. Learn Listen Lead2. Team Design3. Ideas Matter4. Parallel Process5. Core Tech6. Applications7. Design Is8. Test It9. Distribution10. Ice Cream
Customer Understanding
1. Customer Segments2. Gains & Pains3. Customer Archetype4. Two-sided Market5. Multi-sided Market6. Market Types7. Existing Market8. Resegmented Market9. New Market10. Clone Market
Customer Development
1. Hypotheses2. Testing3. Validation4. Market Size5. PM Fit6. Customer Types7. Pain Gain8. MV Product9. Value10. Market
Customer Discovery Primer
1. Company Creation2. Starting Up3. Erroneous Process4. Customer Start5. Customer Team6. Entrepreneur Education7. Startups Explained8. Business Model9. Business Canvas10. Hypotheses
Finding Customers
1. Lean Customer Dev2. Finding Customers3. Hypothesis4. Assumptions5. Questions6. Preparation7. The Interview8. Post-Interview9. Validation10. Continual
Idea Execution
1. First Step2. Process3. Resources4. Recruiting5. Failure6. Motivation7. Experimenting8. Learning9. Thiel Fellowship10. Why Thiel Fellowship
Disruption for Social Good
1. Disruption2. Innovators3. Convergence4. Means5. Unrestricted6. Evaluation7. Good Tech8. Equilibrium Change9. The Story10. Impact
Demand Horizon
1. The Problem2. The Perspective3. The Solution4. Demand Discovery5. Discovery Tools6. Market Importance7. Competitive Analysis8. Customer Research9. Rigor10. 8 Second Rule
Creating Customer Personae
1. Clarity2. Profiling3. Personae4. Needs5. Synthesis6. Iterate7. Testing8. Analysis9. Value Exchange10. Essence
Intro to Hacking
1. History2. Culture3. Process4. Ingredients5. Logistics6. Audience7. Event8. Technology9. Principles10. Future

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Learn Listen Lead

The spirit of leadership

Manu Kumar

Entrepreneur turned Investor, Founder of K9 Ventures, Team & Starting Up Expert

Lessons Learned

The feedback you receive will not be consistent. You need to distinguish the signal from the noise.

Lead by sharing your vision & making your idea something others really care about.

People must feel ownership of an idea to become passionate about it.

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