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Demystify the startup funding process with real world lessons learned from seasoned founders and startup veterans.

Presentation Is Everything
1. Create Pitch2. Big Idea3. Resonate4. Delivery5. Slides6. Patterns7. Practice8. Audience9. Real Job10. TED Talks
Fundraising Series Seed
1. Process2. Pitch3. Narrative4. Use of Proceeds5. Money6. Materials7. Investors8. Terms9. Convertible Notes10. The Close
Picking Winners
1. Thesis2. Capital Light3. Capital Access4. Tenacity & Integrity5. Post Investing6. Adding Value7. Governance8. Angels & VCs9. Angel How To10. Company Builders
Entrepreneur Turned Angel Investor
1. Next Best2. Freestylin’3. It's a 10k4. Investor Relations5. Entrepreneur Angels6. Honesty7. Value Add8. Diversity9. WomEntrepreneurs10. Prescient
Cracking the Y Combinator Interview
1. Ideas Change2. Application3. Red Flags4. Interview5. Preparation6. Cadence7. First Time8. Second Time9. Benefits10. Scaling PG
Business Model Canvas
1. Case2. Canvas3. Practice4. Idea to Biz5. Tech & Biz6. Stories7. Tools8. Strategy & Innovation9. Social Impact10. Future
She Works
1. Locker Room2. God's Work3. Vagipreneur4. Co-Founders5. The Unexpected6. She Works7. Pay Gap8. Advance9. Engage10. Rollerball
BoD Management
1. Purpose2. Stage3. Constituents4. Communication5. Topics6. Reporting7. Waterfall Method8. Utility9. Lessons Learned10. Best Practices
The Thiel Fellowship – Launching Your Project
1. The Fellowship2. Program3. Support4. Applicants5. Candidacy6. Vision7. Passion8. Execution9. Project10. Danielle
Zero to IPO
1. Success2. Turnaround3. Switch4. Talent5. Cuts6. Psych Profiles7. Cultivating8. Investors9. Wisdoms10. M&A

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Create Pitch

Spend time thinking before making a single slide

Nancy Duarte

Presentation Specialist, Influencer, Author

Lessons Learned

How much time you spend on a presentation should be proportionate to what is at stake.

When you go into presentation software, you are creating ideas in a linear fashion.

Great talks do not begin with “Save As.”

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