Secure Funding

Demystify the startup funding process with real world lessons learned from seasoned founders and startup veterans.

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What You'll Learn

Deliver the perfect pitch by properly mapping out your story and knowing your audience.

Navigate the ins and outs of seed fundraising process.

Learn how investors really evaluate a company and which character traits can maximize success.

Manage investor relations after the check is signed, sealed, and delivered.

Achieve the goals of your shareholders, employees, and investors.

Explore opportunities with accelerators and fellowships like Y Combinator and The Thiel Fellowship.

Meet the Instructors

Nancy Duarte

Presentation Specialist, Influencer, Author

Jenny Lefcourt

Investor, Entrepreneur, Board Member

Ullas Naik

Seed Investor, Streamlined Ventures, Very Early Specialist

Josh Felser

Co-Founder of Spinner, Grouper & Freestyle Capital

Jason Freedman

Founder, Entrepreneur, 2x YC Alumnus

Alexander Osterwalder

Business Model Alchemist, Innovator, Strategyzer Creator

Rachel Braun Scherl

Founder, Fundraising Heavy Hitter, Public Speaker and Market Strategist

Brian Ascher

Venture Investor, VenRock Partner, Waterfall Evangelist

Danielle Strachman

Thiel Fellowship Program Director, Cofounder of Innovations Academy

George Northup

CEO, Startup Whisperer, Lacrosse Coach

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