Times have changed, but some people still cling to their worn but time proven paper calendars (desk size or other size). Modern technology has helped us by giving us more tools, but too many tools can be really time consuming and sometimes we get caught up in the tools and not the end result. My question to the experts here on Clarity is how each of you track goal achievement and stay on track in this new age of technology? Michael T. Irvin "Get To The Top Without The Slop"

Hi Michael,
Great Question! Predicting the end of 2014 starts with a plan. I have this sorted out on a simple spreadsheet, by client and activity for each quarter of the year. This also helps me stay on track as I check my monthly figures.
That being said, I completely recognize the amount of tools that are available through apps and technology and have spent time over the last 1/2 of 2013 exploring what works and what does not for me in my specific business. My focus lives in Basecamp - it's project tracking and communication cloud solution that gives me that place to ensure I stay on track and at the same time create and host plans for the future. At the same time, where I have partners in some goals, they can be a part of that specific track/project and submit their thoughts, work and ideas.
I use a few other tools that are cloud solutions so that I can see my business up close. I have discovered though, like you, that there is a gap in a personalize solution for my type of business - so now I am developing one.
I would be happy to chat this through further with you - see what you are using or testing so that if I have tested them myself I can let you know my thoughts. Also, pick your brain about the new solutions that could be developed.
All the best,

Answered 7 years ago

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