What is the most challenging part of Raising Capital (with or without Federal Opportunity Zone Tax Credits)


Having a business or an idea that people are willing to invest in. On top of that is the need to find investors to approach.

Answered 2 months ago

Start up tech events always have investors that show up.. Most of these events happen in Los Angeles, USA. You can always search in Google for these events..

is it challenging yes.. But there are also coffee shops within the areas of events that happen. You can network with people. Car shows, and auctions have lots of investors floating around..

It will take some confidence to talk to these people.. But you will run into at least 1 that is willing to work with you, play golf.. Go play golf with some people. Most investors play golf..

It may not be easy and peaches and cream but you have to want it.

If you can't go in organically do it with a bank.. Start an LLC get a no doc loan from the bank.. If you are in the US there's a place called payment cloud.. You can get a good business loan or business credit cards..

I know doing the work end of getting the funding may be cuthroat but thats the way it goes..

I hope this helps

Answered 2 months ago

Raising capital, whether or not it involves federal opportunity zone tax credits, is a complex process with several challenging aspects:
1. Convincing investors.
2. Regulatory and compliance issues.
3. Access to networks.
4. Competition for funds.
5. Understanding and leveraging tax incentives.
6. Valuation disagreement.
Overall, the most challenging part of raising capital lies in a combination of demonstrating viability, navigating legal and regulatory landscapes, building investor relationships, standing out in a competitive market, effectively using tax incentives, and aligning on valuation and investment terms.

Answered 2 months ago

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