What is a good side hustle that is not a scam?

There seems to be quite a bit of suggestions on what is a good side hustle and then when you ask for detail on how to get in, there is no response.


1. - A platform where freelancers can bid on projects in various categories such as writing, graphic design, and web development.

2. Upwork - Similar to, Upwork allows freelancers to bid on projects in a wide range of categories, including digital marketing, photography, and consulting.

3. Fiverr - Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancers can offer their services starting at $5. Services offered on Fiverr include logo design, social media marketing, and business consulting.

4. Shutterstock - A stock photography website where photographers can upload their photos for sale. Earn money each time someone downloads your photo.

5. Adobe Stock - Another stock photography website where photographers can upload their images for sale. Adobe Stock pays photographers a commission for each image downloaded.

6. Google Adsense - Earn money by displaying Google ads on your website or blog. You get paid each time someone clicks on an ad.

7. Amazon Associates - Earn money by promoting Amazon products on your website or blog. Earn a commission for each sale made through your affiliate links.

8. - A platform where experts can offer consulting services to businesses and individuals. Earn money by sharing your expertise in various fields such as business, marketing, and technology.

9. TaskRabbit - A platform where individuals can offer their services for tasks such as home improvement, cleaning, and errands. Earn money by completing tasks for clients in your area.

10. Etsy - An online marketplace where artists and creators can sell their handmade items. Earn money by selling your artwork, jewelry, or crafts on the platform.

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One side hustle is to go hyper-local and offer a service such as setting-up electronics or computers for people that are not comfortable with tech (such as retired people). You can use free advertising on platforms such as Facebook local pages/groups or nextdoor to advertise your services.

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Drop shipping

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