I am starting a new aerospace engin. consulting firm, How to attract customers? Which strategy considering my strongest/weakest points (see Details)?

The company is located in Germany. My strongest points are: Previous experience in the aerospace industry with the main Worldwide Companies (Boeing and Airbus) Very Good connections with Aerospace engineers. My weaker points are: Poor connections with aerospace clients. Poor experience in sales and contracting. Main services offered: Temporary/Permanent Staff, Design and Stress Analysis, Complete Project Assignment. Further details of the company can be found on the following web site, (It is still in construction)


Staff augmentation vs. project work in A&D are really two different companies. Another key segmentation is work that requires certification (NATO Clearance, secret clearance, Airbus/Boeing training, etc).

On staff augmentation, a lot of young firms start off bringing in good ex-employees of the majors and and targeting the supply chain. Often the majors Boeing, Dassault, etc like it when subs use talent that already know the primes practices.

If you are targeting project work, you need to define if you are selling skill or price. If your the best team for converting major assemblies into a stream line lean process, you need to clearly define that and sell it into the targets.

In all cases, you are likely to get your first customers in the supply base. The supply base is likely trying to win a bid or execute a current contract. They want to mitigate risk using temporary labor, especially if you are in a EU labor market.

If your model is to sell outside of the Primes, for example selling aerospace talent to boat manufacturing, I would stick more to project work with a few key initial clients. Create an iconic success. I would also look at the UAV market. There is a lot going on there. Often the people creating UAV's are more controls focused, they might like having someone else be there air frame team.

I was heavily involved in the lean manufacturing movement at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. Mostly on F/A-18, but also C17, 787, UAVs, etc.

Answered 10 years ago

As a start up, you need to focus on prospecting. That is the tool that will give you leads. Furthermore, don't ignore social media. I have been in A&D industry for 20+ years and the sales/marketing process has changed.

Answered 10 years ago

My own background was nuclear / electrical engineering rather than aviation. And my consulting work since has been in a completely different area. Nevertheless, I own some undeveloped properties related to your field. For example:

Such addresses convey authority even before the brand's reputation is fully grown. The right domain might open doors for you and help grow industry contacts.

The one I mentioned is just an example that comes to mind. If you'd like to explore such options in general, we can talk in more detail by phone.

Answered 10 years ago

You need to give more information if you want solid answers. This is very vague.

Answered 10 years ago

Starting a new aerospace engineering consulting firm in Germany sounds like an exciting venture! Leveraging your strengths and addressing your weaknesses strategically can help you attract customers effectively.

Given your strong background and connections in the aerospace industry, particularly with major players like Boeing and Airbus, you already have a solid foundation to build upon. Here are some tailored strategies considering your strengths and weaknesses:

Utilize Your Network: Leverage your existing connections with aerospace engineers to spread the word about your new firm. Personal recommendations and referrals can be powerful in attracting clients, especially in a specialized industry like aerospace.
Focus on Niche Expertise: Highlight your expertise in areas such as design, stress analysis, and project assignments. Positioning yourself as a specialist in these domains can attract clients seeking specific solutions and expertise.
Build Relationships: While you may have fewer connections with aerospace clients initially, focus on building relationships with potential clients through networking events, industry conferences, and online communities. Engage with them, understand their needs, and demonstrate how your services can add value to their projects.
Invest in Sales and Marketing: Recognizing your weaker points in sales and contracting, consider investing in sales training or hiring professionals with expertise in business development and client management. Developing effective sales and marketing strategies tailored to the aerospace industry can help you attract and retain clients.
Optimize Your Online Presence: Since your website is still under construction, ensure that it effectively communicates your services, expertise, and value proposition to potential clients. An informative and visually appealing website can serve as a powerful marketing tool and attract clients searching for aerospace engineering consulting services online.
In addition to these strategies, consider exploring staff augmentation as a service offering to provide flexible staffing solutions to aerospace companies. This article on staff augmentation ( provides valuable insights that could complement your service offerings and attract clients seeking temporary or permanent staffing solutions.

Wishing you success in launching your aerospace engineering consulting firm!

Answered 2 months ago

Accept the fact that in Germany the aerospace vertical is a closed "old boys" club.

So you need to consider 3 approaches:
1) Since you have some contacts already, you need to nurture them and expand your network by asking for introductions. Do not pitch them, just let them know what you are doing and ask for help.
2) Find a way to scan/review all the listings in Germany for companies that have just been incorporated and select the companies that fall into your area of interest, Approach these companies with a personal letter to the founder. This can be expanded to all Europe/UK.
3) Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator and screen for companies and people of interest. Again, please do not pitch right away, instead focus on building relationships.

Answered a month ago

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