How to earn people who are hurt and have suffered from relationship


This depends on the mental condition of the person. Ask them to mediate which will give them power of self love.

Answered 2 years ago

Well, if you meant the office relationship issue between colleagues or between manager and subordinate then first thing one should do to help solving or help come around from it; is to approach to the person & tell sorry, if you are cause, if not then invite the person to talk/speak with you, might be at the time of having meals. This discussion is good at meals. It helps in getting focus on the topic and soon could be defocused by focusing on food when the discussion goes to bitter state. So bottom line is you need approach first & timed it well to help the person to get rid of trauma, by changing the attention/focus. You repeat the exact things that once you enjoyed well.

If you meant this happened otherwhere else in your personal life. Then the above things must be twisted and tried. By twisting means, help the person doing daily things, invite for a ride, dinner or movie. Then suggest the person, it is part of life and Life is bigger than all this, and work/walk together. Meditation could be also one of your suggestions as well.


Answered 2 years ago

With Time , try to be a person of your word . Learn to balance & know when to give them space & when to be emotionally present. Try to prove to them that you have pure intentions with the pattern of your actions not just words . Little by little they will let their guard down ..

Answered a year ago

I think there's a lot of factors that can play out in this situation. Also, more content about the relationship status between you and this person would help give more insight.

Here's a few things to consider:

How much of this person's hurt is my responsibility to fix?
What is my intention in earning their trust/relationship?
What actions can I show the person that demonstrate my intentions and integrity?
What does this person value? What do I value? (take a moment to compare the two)
We can't control others only our actions. I hope this helps!

Answered a year ago

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