I want to build an MVP for consultation marketplace for business owners to find finance experts, where they can posty their query and concerned experts can respond with answers and if clients like the answer they can get on call with them - very similar to this website itself

Creating an online consultation marketplace is now an easy task as there are so many specialised software solutions available that help you launch a feature-rich consultation marketplace. One such software is "Yo!Coach"

To create a consultation marketplace the basic requirement or you can say they are of concern is “FEATURES” which adds to the efficiency of your platform.

I am sharing a list of some must-have features for an online consultation marketplace

Admin Dashboard Features
1) Manage Clients & Consultants
2) Robust Content Management System (CMS)
3) Seamless Payments
4) Generate Promo Codes/Offers
5) Tracking & Analytics
6) View Reports

Consultant Dashboard Features
1) Login by eMail/ Social Profile
2) Calendar & Booking Management
3) Set up Sessions Pricing
4) Tools for Interactive Communication
5) Deliver One to One or Group Sessions
6) Create & Share Session Plans

Client Dashboard Features
1) Browse & Search Consultants
2) View Reviews/ Ratings
3) Engaging Experience
4) Mark Favorite Consultants
5) Book a Free Trial
6) Schedule Sessions & Workshops

These are some important features that an online consultation marketplace must offer. For more details on features, how to start an online consultation marketplace you can connect with experts at:

Answered 6 months ago

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