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FATbit Technologies is a leading development company that has majority of its clients for Australia. Although the company does not have a head quater in Australia but it works for global clients.

The efficientcy of the company is what makes me recommend it, as it has more than 20 specilized software designed to cater differnt niches/businesses like eCommerce, grocery business, food delivery, rental business, eLearning etc:
I am sharing a link where all the software offered by FATbit Technologies are mentioned:

Creating an online consultation marketplace is now an easy task as there are so many specialised software solutions available that help you launch a feature-rich consultation marketplace. One such software is "Yo!Coach"
( https://www.yo-coach.com/launch-online-business-consultation-platform.html?=pc)

To create a consultation marketplace the basic requirement or you can say they are of concern is “FEATURES” which adds to the efficiency of your platform.

I am sharing a list of some must-have features for an online consultation marketplace

Admin Dashboard Features
1) Manage Clients & Consultants
2) Robust Content Management System (CMS)
3) Seamless Payments
4) Generate Promo Codes/Offers
5) Tracking & Analytics
6) View Reports

Consultant Dashboard Features
1) Login by eMail/ Social Profile
2) Calendar & Booking Management
3) Set up Sessions Pricing
4) Tools for Interactive Communication
5) Deliver One to One or Group Sessions
6) Create & Share Session Plans

Client Dashboard Features
1) Browse & Search Consultants
2) View Reviews/ Ratings
3) Engaging Experience
4) Mark Favorite Consultants
5) Book a Free Trial
6) Schedule Sessions & Workshops

These are some important features that an online consultation marketplace must offer. For more details on features, how to start an online consultation marketplace you can connect with experts at: https://www.yo-coach.com/?=pc

To launch an efficient online equipment rental marketplace the best option is to connect with a development companyor rental marketplace that specialises solution providers.

There are a number of specialised software solutions to set up an equipment rental marketplace. Yo!Rent is one such rental marketplace solution that can help you launch an online equipment rental marketplace.

Considering the fact that it is a rental business specialised solution it offers must-have features like

- Multi-Vendor Functionality
- Powerful Mobile Apps
- Renting & Selling Option
- Real-Time Stock Availability
- IntuitiveUX design
- Customizable System
- Multiple Revenue Channels
- Smart-Review Management
- In-Built Analysis & Reporting

If you are looking for any software that can help you develop an efficient online equipment rental marketplace I would recommend Yo!Rent (https://www.yo-rent.com/?=pc ) as it is a market-ready solution, specially designed for rental business, offers customizations, no recurring charges and you can rent as well as sell some on this platform.

To gain some valuable insight about the equipmental business, recent innovations, key features, business model and key differentators I recomment you to go through the shared article that will help you understand the equipmental business better ( https://www.fatbit.com/fab/online-heavy-equipment-rental-marketplace-innovation/?=pc )

As per the current market situation where everything has shifted online, from selling and purchasing of daily use items to expensive items to services like loans etc.

The first step in the digital world should be “Planning to build your own website/app for sell products”
The online website is a convenient way to list and sell your products whereas it also helps in expanding your customer base.

The concept of this website can be similar to online food delivery platforms where instead of food items you will list your supplies like machines etc.
For more details on website feature with respect to restaurant specific niche read the features section if the following blogs:

As per the current pandemic situation that has badly affected some of the sectors in almost all the countries. The best idea is to invest in online business and plan to shift your offline stores online, just to expand your customer reach.

Currently there is an increasing demand for online grocery, food, medicine and liquor delivery, keeping aside the evergreen eCommerce business-like fashion, beauty and gadgets/ electronic items.

Some popular online business ideas that are in the most profitable online business ideas are:

1) Online Food ordering and delivery business

2) Online Grocery Delivery Business

3) Liquor and Wine eCommerce Business

4) ePharmacy/ Online Medicine delivery Business

5) Pet Food Delivery Business

6) Online Vegan Food Delivery Business

7) Nutritional Supplement eCommerce Business

8) Funeral Products Delivery Business

9) Online Board Games Delivery Business

10) Beauty & Personal Care Products Business

11) Online Meat & Sea Food Delivery Business

For more details related to the above-mentioned business ideas, you can go through the link: https://www.fatbit.com/fab/top-10-online-business-ideas-for-2021/?=p

Other Online Business idea that is best to get started with are niche-specific like:

1) Online Office Food Ordering & Delivery Business

2) Online Airport Food Delivery Business

3) Online Homemade Food Delivery Business

4) Cloud Kitchen/ Delivery-Only Kitchen Business

5) Online Meal delivery Business

For the above mentioned niche-specific business ideas and detailed information on the scope for growth you can read the article: https://www.fatbit.com/fab/online-business-ideas-food-ordering-delivery/?=pu

Personally, I feel if you are into the food business you should definitely plan to expand your business by starting your online food delivery service and capture the opportunity to earn greater profits. For a restaurant owner, the online food delivery business is the best online business idea as digitalization is the new trend.

If you need more clarity on how to start an online food delivery business? I think the following article has all answers to your online food business-related question including what features your online food delivery platform must have:

The best business models for 2021 are the “Hyperlocal business model” and “Multi-vendor marketplace business model.”

Why Multi-vendor marketplace business model?

The multi-vendor marketplace business model offers a common platform for multiple sellers and buyers to come together to engage in commerce activities through a dedicated website.

This is a popular type of business model for 2021 as due to the pandemic everything is shifted online. Customers prefer to shop online whereas offline stores have started investing heavily in digitalization. The main focus of offline stores is to register themselves on eligible third-party websites to boost their sales and expand their business online.

The advantages of the Multi-vendor marketplace business model are:

- It captures large markets
- It's a zero inventory model that means minimum or no inventory cost
- More scalable as compared to other business models

Why Hyperlocal business model?

The hyperlocal business model is restricted within a defined geographical circumference. It gives the local offline stores an opportunity to shift online. As per this business model the eCommerce store can collaborate with the local vendors to fulfil the orders.

The advantages of the Hyperlocal Business Model are:

- Opportunity to expand
- Increased upselling revenue margins
- Help provide promote delivery/services

There are the top two business models for the year 2021 that are profitable as per the current demand and growth opportunities in the market.

Whereas other than these there are business models that you can consider. That is:

A) Inventory Based Business Model
B) Click and Collect or Buy Online Pick-up in Store (BOPIS) Business Model

For details related to the above-mentioned business models can be found in the article: https://www.fatbit.com/fab/different-business-models-to-launch-online-grocery-business/?=p or https://www.fatbit.com/fab/online-food-delivery-business-models/?=p

Yes, reviews are good features depending upon which industry you deal with.
If you are associated with the eCommerce industry then the review feature is a must from a customer point of view.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur and are into the restaurant business or food delivery business like GrubHub a review feature is a requirement for such business.
1) From the customer point of view, a review feature is required to share their experience, share suggestions, look for advice by viewing other reviews, etc.
2) From a restaurant point, you can instantly reply to the reviews and suggestions shared by the customers. Reviews are the honest way to know what the customer feels about your product or service.

How to add the review feature to your online business model visit: https://www.yoyumm.com/ for detailed information related to review features for restaurants, admin, and delivery staff.

Reviews play a major role in decision making for a customer which is why you can not ignore this feature.

Here are some more reasons in support of having a review feature:
1) The online reviews on your website help your eCommerce business boost your SEO
2) Reviews also play a major role in brand loyalty.
3) Reviews feature connects you directly to your customers, and you get a clear picture of what your customers expect from you.
4) If you consider the customer buying behavior, in that case, a customer always prefers and recommends a product that has good reviews and ration. It automatically becomes the first choice of the customer.
5) Online reviews also increase sales.
6) Customers trust the reviews posted online.
7) As per the customer’s buying behavior, 90% of the customers first check out the online reviews before making a purchase online.

I strongly believe that the review feature is a must in today’s business world. Online reviews can also impact the conversion rate of your website. Read https://www.fatbit.com/fab/online-reviews-impact-conversion-rate-online-store/ for more information related to the conversion rate with respect to reviews online.

The online food delivery industry is at its growth stage, especially after lockdown. There is a surge in demand due to the COVID-19 outbreak as the customers were unable to visit their favorite restaurants and opted for ordering food online.
As a precaution, even the restaurants have reduced the sitting capacity in the restaurants, which is one big reason for the increase in online orders.
Apps like Uber Eats, GrubHub, Deliveroo are high in demand with an increasing number of downloads each day. This is because consumer behavior has changed, people now feel it safe and more convenient to order food online during the pandemic to avoid crowded places.

Even the restaurants that earlier did not have the online services available have started investing to digitize their food ordering and delivery system. However, the entrepreneurs demand platforms similar to top players like Uber Eats. Here is a blog that has explained in detail “How to build an app like Uber Eats”: https://www.fatbit.com/fab/how-to-build-an-app-like-ubereats/

To build an online food ordering and delivery platform you can either opt for a ready-made solution that is a cost-efficient investment or build the website/app from scratch. Food Delivery Solution like YoYumm is suggested based on the features they offer to their customers and the after-sales services provided by the Yoyumm team to build an app like Deliveroo and Just Eat.
For more information, you may visit: https://www.fatbit.com/online-food-ordering-software.html

For entrepreneurs who are planning to invest or start their online food ordering and delivery business, this is the right time as the demand in the market is high for food delivery services.
On the other hand, if we talk about the offline food business, they too are finding their way back. Offline food joints and restaurants have resumed their services after lockdown with more safety and sanitization precautions for both their customers as well as staff. Although the footfall is comparatively less still the business owners are looking for a better solution to cope up with the new norms and change in customer behavior.

Take Away
The online food delivery marketplace provides customers with the choice & convenience of getting food delivered at their doorsteps with a few taps on their mobile phones. To deal with the change in norm due to the pandemic online service for food ordering and delivery is in demand and entrepreneurs/restaurant owners should pay attention to online food delivery services. You can either create your own platform to receive the order and deliver food or register your restaurant/food joint on platforms such as Uber Eats, Just Eats, and Deliveroo to make the best use of the new digital opportunities.
Suggested read: Looking To Start an Online Food Delivery Platform? Take a Look at These Key Features (https://www.fatbit.com/fab/depth-feature-analysis-create-successful-online-food-delivery-platform/ )

The platform that offers you the best features at a reasonable price with satisfying after-sales service can be considered as the best food delivery solution.

At present, there are a number of companies that qualify for providing the best food delivery solution but as per your budget, you may or may not consider them in your top choice. Whereas some companies provide excellent after-sale service which makes them list themself in the top companies that you can choose to develop your food delivery website and app.

YoYumm by FATbit Technologies is one such food delivery solution that qualifies the customer’s expectations in terms of quality, servers, and budget. They provide a fully customizable solution with the latest features required to run an online food ordering & delivery business.

For More information, you can visit: https://www.fatbit.com/online-food-ordering-software.html

The main points that you should consider while choosing a food delivery solution that is best for you to launch your online food ordering and delivery business:

The features that a food delivery solution must offer to the customers are:
The COVID-19 safety Features
As per the changing dynamics due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation features like contactless delivery, curbside pickup, etc are important for the online food delivery business.

Customization Options
Many companies do not offer customization options for their client, remember customization is possible even if you go for a ready-made solution. So before you choose a food delivery website or app development solution due confirm the customization options.

After-sales Technical Support
After the website or the app development is done you as an admin of the food delivery website or app will require constant support from the development company. Prefer to choose the company or the solution that assures you with the after-sales technical support.

Flexible Payment Options
As a customer, you should always look for better payment options like the installment option instead of a one-time payment option to build your website or app.

Do check with the company or food delivery solution what are the integration options available and at what cost. Integrations like PayPal, stripe, Firebase analytics, etc.

These are some important points that will help you decide which food delivery solution is best for you to build your website or mobile app. Always keep in mind the budget that you have set and do compare the top companies that you have shortlisted.

Not just the price should be compared, but reviews, testimonials also should be a deciding factor while choosing a development company/solution for your business.

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