Right now I am doing everything... from invoicing to client relationships, to project management... I have a partner, web developer but he's also busy with clients. We want to scale ⚖ up faster and not sure how. 😕 Any advice will be much appreciated!

Hi !

It sounds to me like you're working mainly IN your business instead of ON your business. You're always behind on task, and lack time to do what you really love, web development and more of that! You don;t know whether you should hire, because you don't see time to train that person, and the risk seems high.

Many business owners are stuck here...

Well, that's what most of my clients told me before they worked with me.

Does that sound in any way familiar to you?

To grow, you need to move to working ON your business 80% of the time. To grow you need to start developing an organization, step by step.

It starts by freeing yourself up from tasks that drain time, energy, and money from you as a resource, and moving that into processes and a structured workflow. Then setting a strong and articulate direction for the company, broken down into OKRs is the next step I'd focus on. Thirdly, build a hiring plan around that, and start to grow step by step.

Clients I've helped typically say that finally, they have time to grow their business, thanks to a shortened learning curve that saved them time and money to get to a new level.

If that's something that matches your situation, feel free to ask me more questions.

Best, Leon

Answered 2 months ago

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