What can I take for swollen lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes



The primary reason for any inflammation has as a primary cause or contributing factor... dehydration...

Target 1oz/1lb/day of water, moving up to 2oz/lb/day.

So if you weight 100lbs, start out with 100 oz./day, moving up to 2oz./day.

My intake for years runs between 1.5-2+ oz./day.

There's other tech than can also be used, like Aqueous EDTA... made in your kitchen with a Vitamix/Blendtec which removes all toxic minerals/metals which serves as seeds (like sand in an oyster makes a pearl) around which structures form that produce inflammation.

Also pruning all animal products almost always produces near instant, profound reduction of inflammation.

Then there's using simple tech like Ascorbate + Niacin + DMSO in water which when ingested... reverses existing oxidation, then over time forms a systemic oxidation buffering system, all the way to cellular interiors.

If all this is... new tech to you... find someone who's been working with this... approach... for decades... put them on your payroll forever...

Answered 10 months ago

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