Where to find health-conscious food manufacturer/brand executives to better understand their pain points related to customer reach and interactions?

I am planning to launch a SAAS product for health-conscious food brands that will improve their customer targeting, retargeting, loyalty, and satisfaction. I want to better understand their pain points through online qualitative interviews and also validate the value of what I've built so far. Where and how can I reach these brand executives? If I need to reach via direct email, can someone please suggest an email format that has worked for them in the past?


Try the International Food Service Executives Association ( Their membership is incredibly broad. You can also try connecting with them on LinkedIn. The hard part is finding the first couple of executives, if you can tap into their networks, then you will find success.

Concerning email formats, use subject line: "Quick Question"

Then use a brief straight forward message:
"Dear XYZ,

I am ABC and I am trying to create a start up to help food brands. Could I ask you a few questions to learn about needs for food brands?



Answered a month ago

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