Looking for a CPA to prepare and file Tax Returns for 2020.

I'm a non resident alien owning a single member LLC. The LLC elected to be taxed as C-corp since January 2019. The core business are incorporation services and consultancy to the European entrepreneurs moving their business in Wyoming or using US-based LLCs to operate worldwide. Presently, I need get into relation with a CPA to prepare and file Forms 1120 and 5472 both for my and our clients' LLCs.


Use H&R Block executive tax services.

Problems with CPAs.

1) They're expensive.

2) They make many mistakes.

3) Worst, if 1x of their clients gets caught up in some organized criminal activity (accidentally or on purpose), this can trigger a blanked audit of all clients, as the CPA is flagged as supporting criminal enterprises.

H&R Block is just to large to audit every client.

4) Your goal with tax filings is to become 1x of 1,000,000s of leaves floating on the... audit ocean... so likelihood of you being the leaf pulled for an audit is slim.

Answered 3 years ago

We have been doing bookkeeping and tax for USA based businesses.
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Answered a year ago

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