I have 10 years of experience in procurement, supply chain building, quality, co-manufacturing and product development in the Natural and Organic Ingredient space, especially for the retail. I am also an entrepreneur as I co-founded a co-manufacturing & Private Labelling company in the Organic Food industry. We grew this company to $30M from scratch and supply clients such as Walmart, Cost-Co, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's... So here I have an extensive network of suppliers (own database of 3000 vendors gathered through my career), co-packers, packaging vendors, warehouse, distribution centers.. I have developed products for big buck retailers, renown CPGs like Pepsi or Nestlé and food start-Ups. And we are creating with my wife an Online Organic body care brand for kids and babies where we have developed our own line of products manufactured in Europe and Canada

It is all your decision because if you earn profit out of it people will praise you and if you earn loss people will criticize you. Your profile is great, I really love it as you have really earned so much in the business world is wonderful to read.
Best practice product development processes are to use an Agile / Lean process but not to ignore the needs of the organization to oversee major financial investments and customer facing releases. Our product management and product definition expertise help firms do the right thing, while our Agile, high-performance teaming, and metrics knowledge helps companies do things right. TCGen’s product development consultants typically involve a thorough assessment of your organization’s needs. In a product development consulting engagement with Bio-Rad, we worked with the platform team to product design the next generation platform of diagnostic testing systems. With market research we identified a unique customer visitation plan and implemented it with not just the product marketing organization but with the entire cross-functional platform team.
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