How can I get buyers for my products. I'm a Supplier of ginger sesame seed peanut cashew nut soybean and other solid minerals


Easy way.

Connect with publishers of health magazines, write articles for the magazine (paid or free) using soft sell techniques to promote your products.

Or you could setup a Food Porn site (glitzy photos of finished recipes), where recipes skew toward using your products.

Likely several 100s of ways to do this + far more detail is required about your company to venture good guesses.

Answered 3 years ago

I hope you are OK!
I'm Melanie, a consultant, and market researcher.
Regarding your question, Can you explain a little more about it? Are you trying to export or expand your local market?
Where are you from?

If you are agree, we can schedule a call to talk about your project!

Answered 3 years ago

* Feel free to learn from the 'curriculum' via
* There is also a library via the same resource (link above)
* Typically and going back to the teachings via YC/SUS (Startup school - link above) it is advised that you 'make something people want'
* In your situation, you already have a product and you are looking for buyers. So you'd have to 'think like a buyer' and then figure out where your buyers hang out.

There are other resources that you should leverage. I recorded a two part video here. But unfortunately part II did not record properly.



Answered 2 years ago

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