I'm involved in a foundation/organization in the Philippines called "little hands" which helps poor children with their needs. We need to reach out to more people. Where do we find the people willing to donate? What's our target audience? And as far as paid advertising, which one is better - Facebook (or twitter) or google ads?

I created one of the World's first microphilanthropy websites which distributed over $3m in donations to over 1000 charitable projects around the World from over 115,000 members.
I have experience in observing the differences in individual giving preferences for relief vs development mandates.

The vast majority of impulse-giving for the Philippines is currently being directed to relief organizations capable of doing the heavy-lifting of relief operations. I would suggest that it is difficult to raise money for anything that isn't relief-oriented. That said, I think small organizations are really ill-equipped to do relief work, so it would be disingenuous to raise relief money.

If your organization works in an area which has been directly impacted by the recent disaster, then creating a narrative around the work you've been doing and how that work must change based on the disaster is a strong case for an appeal. The problem with an online fundraising campaign right now is that you're competing against deep-pocketed relief organizations who will outspend you on any kind of auction-based ad market.

I would suggest that you have a better chance of creating a compelling video and asking your existing supporters to share that video than currently trying to spend money on an ad campaign.

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Answered 8 years ago

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