How do banks and fintech's issue credit cards on the back end? I'm looking for very granular steps.

I'm the CEO of a startup in the fintech space and we are looking to launch a card product. Hoping to find someone who is an expert in all things card related. If this is you I hope you will answer the question proposed to show your knowledge. The deeper into the weeds you can go the better.


Answers vary based on...

Time/Budget/Will/Expertise you possess.

Projects with $0 budget verses $10M budget have very different answers.

Also, Time comes into effect, as money always has a time value.

Say you have $1M LOC to draw on + you'd like the shortest path to a selling your company for $10M+, then this will also be a very different answer.

Start with your Exit Strategy + time target of your Exit.

Then work backward, designing offerings you create.

Answered 3 years ago

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