Hi. I've just started the printing and packaging service provider business. I need help and advice to connect to the international market to export.

My company name is NYPrintPack. The website is I want to promote my company worldwide and connect to international buyers and importers for my business.


Have a look at chambers of commerce in the countries you want to export to especially those based near you and ask them for help. A fair few trade missions are now virtual.

Answered 3 years ago

Hi I have a manufacturing plant in Dubai: ecopack. You can call me to discuss further in details.

Answered 3 years ago

Hi. First question is why try to sell internationally when you have a domestic market to go after? Is your local market saturated? Focus on building a strong business from you local market before thinking of exporting. Second - what advantages can you deliver that an international buyer can't get from their local suppliers? I know the print space well (I come from an international marketing background) and there has to be a really compelling reason why anyone would buy from a supplier in another country. Why is your offer better than a printer in Singapore?, Germany? US? Thirdly - I can see you are based in Pakistan but your website implies New York (name, pictures of Manhattan etc) - either open a sales office in New York or avoid trying to confuse customers. Be authentic.

Answered 3 years ago

First of all, the Web to Print or Packaging Industry has massive competition in the market. If it started recently, try to provide better service with a lesser competitor price.
Concentrate more on Customer Life Time value (repetitive clients) rather than acquiring new customers.

Understand the local and Industry Leaders the market and their service & price strategies Eg:

All The Very Best

Answered 2 years ago

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