What are some effective ways to raise money for a non-profit start-up?

I am in the process of forming 501c3. This will take time


I used to manage a non-profit organization - the process is challenging but it is possible.
I'd be happy to advise.
First stop: try get a Google Grant for Google Adwords - it will help you a lot to promote your business.
Good luck

Answered 4 years ago

Fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen, and a Google search will return more ideas than you can ever implement. But not all ideas are created equally. If you need money fast for your new non-profit, check out these 8 hot ideas for fundraising. Small events are great for raising modest amounts of money but can take a lot of work to pull off, so be ready to put the time in. Facebook fundraiser. Set your non-profit up on Facebook and tap into the power of your current relationships through Facebook. Be sure to tell people WHY you are raising money to inspire them to give. Crowdfunding. There are tons of crowdfunding sites online that can help you raise money through your network of relationships. Understand that crowdfunding is not a “build it and they will come” model. You will still need to promote the fundraiser via email and social media to drive people to the crowdfunding site to give. This fundraising tactic can be a good way to get your Board and volunteers involved in fundraising since the ask is easy. You can use one of the many online auction tools or use a Facebook group. One of the best ways to leverage the relationships of key people including Board members, current donors, and volunteers is through house parties. It doesn’t have to be fancy and there’s no need for a formal program – just a few words from you about what your new non-profit will do once it’s up and running, then pass around some information and pledge cards. If your community or state has a specified Giving Day, use that as an opportunity to raise money. If they do not have a specific site for you to set up a giving page, set up one on your website and track the donations that come in on and just before the Giving Day. Invite your Board members and volunteers to send a special letter or email to their friends inviting them to give to your non-profit. This is another great way to leverage the power of relationships since people will often give to non-profits where their friends are involved. Ask a Board member, current donor, or volunteer to offer to match donations up to their gift amount.
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Answered 4 years ago

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