How to get to know with attractive speakers who work for global famous companies?

I am now trying to connect Japan and other countries through holding webinars with attractive speakers from oversea. I searched on Google and found some speakers' agencies like "Big" but I don't have so much budget. I don't expect top leaders or CEO, but just want to know some case studies and strategies at global famous companies (like GAFA, global retailers, Mcdonalds, etc...). I tried to find speakers at conferences' speakers page, and then made contacts via LinkedIn. But it is very tough to find. If you have some good idea to reach someone out, please let me know. Kind regards, Kinuko


Hi Kinuko,
Well done for the initiative.
I wasn't 100% clear what type of speakers you are looking for, but in general, even if you don't have a large budget, you can still bring in speakers, so long as the (1) event is prestigious enough and/or (2) the audience is large enough or has people who could be potential customers/clients for the speaker.
I often get invited to speak at events, and the payment varies on numerous factors such as location (versus zoom), type of audience, size of audience. I've even given a few completely free lectures because the audience was big enough and relevant to my industry - or just because I wanted to help promote a certain agenda - like female entrepreneurs.
TedX would be a good place to find top-notch speakers - some are famous, other's less, but most are good.
Good luck

Answered 3 years ago

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