Does Google Optimize Support Multiple Split Test in a Funnel? Is it Recommended? Any problems? Anything to be aware?

I own an ecommerce store. I'm doing a test in the "products" page. After people click on "Add to Cart/Buy Now" they go to the checkout as a normal ecommerce store. Can I also run some optimization tests on the checkout while I'm running a Split Test on the "Products Page". If I don't do this then I can't test checkout flow while doing other tests and optimization becomes slow. Would love your opinions and thoughts.


This is a complex topic.

Far more complex than can be answered in here.

Best to hire an expert to help you with this, because Google will penalize you if they visit the same URL multiple times where different content is returned.

You can research this yourself by digging into the Google Search Console facility specifically built to handle this case, to avoid the SEO/Index penalty.

And... You can easily destroy SEO traction making simple mistakes.

Guideline: For any SEO optimization.

1) Low/No site income, figure it out on your own.

2) High site income, hire someone familiar with this process.

Random Tip: Most people miss something important here.

Incompetent Hosting (almost all hosting) which sometimes returns various errors or randomized content rendering (slow broken SSL/JS/CSS/Image serving) also counts as different content.

A far more common problem results when Hosting results return random content on a regular basis.

Guideline: Similar to the above. For sites with significant cashflow, first hire someone to ensure your hosting speed + stability + security is rock solid.

Next, ensure your site produces clean HTML (0 syntax errors + 0 syntax warnings).

Then move into SEO optimization.

Most people start with SEO before address hosting + HTML syntax... then wonder... why oh why... does my SEO optimization never seem to have any effect.

Answered 4 years ago

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