Hi, I'm curious if I can get a grant for my company. I am a semi-accomplished music producer making high-end music software for other music composers and producers. We started in 2015 and had good sales but need a little extra capital to get our next product out. Does a grant exist for someone like me? Maybe under the Arts umbrella? A low-interest loan would work as well. This may be the solution if it's much easier to get, as I want to be focusing on my product as much as possible, instead of piles of paperwork. Thanks in advance!

I am not sure what country your located in, but many of the western countries offer grants for startups who have something innovative. You do not have to return the grant in many cases, and they don't take equity, but there are some limitations: for example you can only use the money to pay for services from people in your country and you can't use it to pay your own salary (but each grant differs).
You should search for grants in your own country, or take on a co-founder in a country that offers such grants (if relevant).
You're welcome to let me know which country you're located in and provide a few more details and then I can see if I can help further.
Good luck
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Answered 8 months ago

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