Does a grant exist for someone like me?

Hi, I'm curious if I can get a grant for my company. I am a semi-accomplished music producer making high-end music software for other music composers and producers. We started in 2015 and had good sales but need a little extra capital to get our next product out. Does a grant exist for someone like me? Maybe under the Arts umbrella? A low-interest loan would work as well. This may be the solution if it's much easier to get, as I want to be focusing on my product as much as possible, instead of piles of paperwork. Thanks in advance!


I am not sure what country your located in, but many of the western countries offer grants for startups who have something innovative. You do not have to return the grant in many cases, and they don't take equity, but there are some limitations: for example you can only use the money to pay for services from people in your country and you can't use it to pay your own salary (but each grant differs).
You should search for grants in your own country, or take on a co-founder in a country that offers such grants (if relevant).
You're welcome to let me know which country you're located in and provide a few more details and then I can see if I can help further.
Good luck
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Yes there are grants available for small business owners. You can start with or
I hope this helps get you started. If your business offers education programs or courses get back with me and I may be direct you otherwise for those types of grants.

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As much as I can understand from your question, I get a feel that you have Small business. Before I move into details any further let me help you understand grants. A grant is money that is given to a person, business, or corporation from federal, state, county or local governments, or private businesses or corporations. Grants do not require repayment of any kind. It is most definitely an attractive financial consideration for entrepreneurs and small or online businesses with little cash available for start-up, growth, or expansion. There are grants available for all kinds of small and online business owners: women, veterans, disabled Americans, minorities, and other under-represented groups. The key is finding the grants for which you qualify and then doing the nose-to-the-grindstone work to apply for the small business grant.
I passionately believe that grants do exist for you. There are tons of grants out there for the asking, but you need to do your research. Most grants have very stringent requirements that must be met (i.e. woman-owned business with fewer than 25 employees, with a tie to local environmental conservation efforts.) If you do your research, you will find thousands of grants up for grabs. However, you must make sure your small or online business meets their oftentimes strict eligibility requirements. One thing to note is that tech companies have a slight advantage when it comes to grants. States and the federal government offer grants through the federal government’s Small Business Innovation Research and through the Small Business Technology Transfer programs. For more information on either of these two programs, visit or Also, businesses that are issued government grants are often asked to repay the government in other ways other than with money. For instance, if the company is doing research and development, the government may require that findings from any research using grant money be made available for use by local, state, or federal government authorities.
The Top Three Places to Look for Small Business Grants
1. First, visit the Small Business Administration website at Here you will find a loans and grants search tool that can connect you to the many grants available and for which you might qualify.
2. Next, you can go to the federal website,, and search for available government grants. Again, there are many, but you will want to check the eligibility requirements before pursuing any.
3. Finally, you may also want to check your state’s official web page and search for grants. Many states offer grants to small or online businesses that contribute to job growth and the state’s prosperity.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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