I have a solution that's popular. But, no investors?

My idea was to provide a solution that would allow voting on key issues only using verification mechanisms that would help keep remote voting legitimate. Here's what I have already done: 1. Created an FB business page to check interest. The page received over a 900 likes and comments in half a day of ads. It continues to receive interest to this day. 2. Immediately after gauging interest on FB, I created a prototype on Marvel. It showed how the app would function. 3. Then, I pitched it to a couple of investors in my circle, but none of them came back with a response. I am wondering why. I am wondering why? Also, since I can't build anything more than the marvel prototype myself, how should I do this next? Finally, is this even a fundable idea for investors? Because I thought this kind of a solution would revolutionize democracy and the way decisions are made. Instead of gauging sentiment using big data, governments or businesses could straightaway gauge people's understanding without having to worry about fake votes and so on. How can I make this idea more attractive and where can I find investors who invest in this space?


Have you showed investors "whats in it for them?"

A direct answer to your question is not possible as there might be many reasons on why you didnt get a response. Funding is not an easy process and it will take a lot of your time.

* You will need to understand what investors look for and what encourages them to invest.
* How did you demonstrate your idea? how good is your pitch?
* Do you have a business model? a plan?

These are some of the questions that you will need to think about before even approaching investors.

As for you getting help building your product, at this stage may be bringing in a tech co-founder can be a good and cost-effective idea.

Good Luck!

Answered a month ago

Seems like you've done a great job so far! well done.
1. What are the verification mechanisms?
2. What is the business model?
3. What comments did investors give you?
4. I would need to see your pitch deck and how you pitch.
You have done all the right stages, but that is only part of the journey. The business model needs to be good, the pitch needs to be great, and investors today want to see traction - so maybe we can check how to create an MVP.
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Good luck

Answered a month ago

I see this a lot. An innovative idea with amazing societal benefits and a fantastic technical solution. But there are some fundamental questions that any potential business partner -- including investors -- would need answering. For example;

> What problem are you actually solving -- really?

> How will the business make money and what is the size of the market?

> Do you have interest from those who would actually pay for the solution?

> What are the main obstacles to implementation -- does this require huge strucural change to established governments?

There's a longer list of questions but you get the picture. This is a crucial stage and it requires harsh introspection and brutal honesty. It seems like you've done a great job selling the dream (to the users), now you need to understand and sell the reality (to the payers). Personally, I love the idea. Good luck!

Answered a month ago

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