What ways can I use to ship me "HAZMAT" product?

I'm looking to set up a call with someone who has experience with HAZMAT products. I'm launching a new product which I want to sell through Amazon FBA. However, this products, a Survival Backpack, contains a crank radio which requires batteries, and stormproof matches. I have SDS documentation for both of these. Amazon has labeled the product has dangerous. I can either find a 3PL company that will be willing to ship these for me around the US, or I can remove the crank radio and the matches from the backpack and ship them from my house to customer through UPS or USPS, however, I'm not sure I will be allowed to do this. If I'm forced to go with this option, I believe I will have to get their permission to ship these. I will only use ground shipping.


As a starting point, look up the product’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Most consumer products that come from reputable manufacturers will have a SDS that includes a transportation hazard classification for the product. This classification provides a four-digit ID number, a proper shipping name, the hazard class, and the packing group for the product. Use this information to identify the correct entry on the Hazardous Materials Table.

The Hazardous Materials Table contains references to the appropriate packaging sections, certain quantity limitations, and any special provisions or exceptions. The table also contains the label codes and basic description for the hazmat. Obtaining the correct hazard classification is the most important part of getting started with shipping hazmat. All other requirements, including packaging, marks, labels, and shipping paper requirements, will be based on the hazard classification of a product. The hazmat regulations provide classification criteria that manufacturers, shippers, and others can use to classify hazardous material. Certain types of hazmat require approval of the classification determination prior to shipment.

Answered 4 years ago

I'd be glad to help you out with this. I'm a certified dangerous goods and hazardous materials shipper, and am very familiar with selling on Amazon. The majority of our products are considered dangerous goods as well, so I could help you with this.

Answered 4 years ago

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