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We have 100 products on our wordpress website, all of them are built with woocommerce plugin. But only 8 products are suitable online selling, this 8 products have prices displaying and "add to cart" button (rest 92 products do not have prices displaying, potential clients need to call us to get the prices) My question is: could I send only this 8 products to google shopping ads? Thanks


you have to just make a good template about your 8 Products and share them on google ads according to their traffic.
for example, If you are selling mobile phone covers then you have to make beautiful GIF template about covers and share them on E-Commerce sites/

Answered 4 years ago

Best way is to create product feed with the 8 products with Google shopping feed specification. Link it with merchant center and start the shopping ads.

I suggest to add more products if you want better results. 8 products does not give you much traction.

Answered 4 years ago

If you run a WooCommerce Store and wish to increase product visibility, acquire customers, and boost sales, you can't go wrong with Google Shopping Ads. As u say u have only 8 products which are suitable for selling, According to me you have to just make a good template about your 8 Products and share them on google ads shopping because, without proper product feed files, your ability to generate successful Shopping Ads campaigns will be severely limited. To increase your rank and sale in shopping ads you have to add some more products with full details highlighting the quality of the products

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Answered 4 years ago

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