Was wondering what if we had a professional networking space focusing on young talents?

I am working to create an interactive youth professional networking app that aims to help the local young buds maintain their career folio and search career opportunities like a game, while delivering the finest of candidates to recruiters in a fast & organized system. It aims to change the conventional way of seeking job and searching talents. By focusing only on youth, its establishing a platform for our country's future leaders i.e. our youth.


Great idea I could help you launch the app and make it succeed in the market, There are many similar projects in my country but very fast cloase or fail , not so popular maybe I could give you a couple of good suggestions for work because I have experience how they should not work.
I would love to talk to you, My suggestion would be 15 minutes

Answered 16 days ago

Sounds like a very nice idea.
Don't forget to validate it before you spend too much time/money on it.
Good luck!

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Answered 17 days ago

You are speaking about a next generation Linkedin. There is certainly a possibility for one such platform but we don't know yet how it will be and when it will succeed. Because even if you build the right product, if the timing is not right, it will be a failure. And you might see the same product becoming a huge success later.

Speaking about the idea. There are now many platforms like Glassdoor, Linkedin, and many job searching platforms which cater to this need. But these platforms were might get outdated once the generation of users born 2000s start looking for jobs. Because the kind of social space they are experienced with are snapchat, tiktok types and a platform like linkedin might not be their thing.

So if you think you what you are building is going to be different from existing solutions and it will cater to the next generation(which you are referring as younger), then you should give it a shot.

Answered 16 days ago

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