Greetings, I am very blessed to find a passionate team to build a matrimonial service app in a few months. We are marching towards beta launch in a one-two week time frame. We are focusing on two countries and two specific cities - We are still debating this point. I want to focus on one country - one region. (Michigan, USA). This matrimonial app is focused on Muslim matrimonial needs. - What we the things we must focus vs keep them in rearview? - What data we should collect and forecast which helps the investor to write a big check. - Any lesson learned from entrepreneurs out there Best, Saquib Khan

Hello Michigan is a great place ,my business comes from Chicago I could give you relevant data that I created and which are 80% + accurate and provide insight into the demographic structure of the population can make a plan for you and during the conversation give you the information you need you can contact me in chat.

Answered 8 months ago

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