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a.k.a. Devrig Bornet - Adriatic shark and strategist master of yours capital and revenue - The king of digital luxury and art. I am most searched strategist in digital marketing and coaching. I am creator of NBS and Answer books With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, My experience is a brand for success. Devrig has also been featured on Fox 5 kltv abc 7 fox 29 digitaljournal and more.

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You can read the listed books but it will not help you to start your startup
1. Zero to One.
2. The Lean Startup.
3. The Startup Owner's Manual.
4. Founders at Work
5. Crossing the Chasm
6. 100$ startup
7. Never Too Late to Startup
What you need is a market and start-up capital and not some ideas you don’t know how to put into action.
I would love to talk to you about your startup
i have read most of these books so i can give you some tips.
all these books will cost you about $ 150 you will spend your time and money and you will not start a business
my services would cost you 3 times less than this price and you can have a startup tomorrow
Don't waste time call me !

My recommendation is to make a giveaway , asking people to share content to attract a larger audience
it won't cost you much and you can get a decent audience if you are interested in my nbs method which brings good sale results feel free to contact me

Many who open their profile on clarity ask this question because they do not know the network. My first recommendation is to promote your services on social networks
if it would be useful to you I could share with you some suggestions for beginners 15 minutes of calls would be quite enough

My recommendation is giveaway you can get more followers and a lot of social attention for you poroizvod I get on twitter 400 followers every month
You can contact me to help you make the perfect promotion
15 min of call has been enough

As a professional coach the market is smaller but it is geared towards key skills I would love to talk to you about the current market and business plans.

Being smart enough considering that there are a lot of e-commerce sites I would help you find the perfect B2B solution for your business.
Call me or send me a message

Various software solutions are not a problem but a market
I would love to help you create a market
and find people who will support the product
marketing and distribution are the biggest problem you can buy a domain and launch a product but if you don't have people who will sell something you are in trouble, the idea itself doesn't make money.
If you need help with your project and you don't see the market, feel free to contact me, I've worked with 3 big startups that are quite similar to yours.

Greetings as an expert for small and medium enterprises
I have been working on the internet for over 10 years and helping others to work on it. I would suggest 15 minutes of calls to introduce you to the problems you may facing.send me a private message in my inbox how would I analyze your case and suggest the right way to start

As an expert on strong premium prices, my opinion is the following. Ensure the exclusivity of advertising on your site and set an adequate price for it, create fewer ads that will be more expensive, but not too expensive if you have 90 ads for $ 10 = $ 900
monthly profits but if you had 60 ads for $ 30 = $ 1800
if you call me I can give you a good analysis that can bring you more followers and more earnings because 40,000 people is not too much.

Most of the earnings come from the people you are in contact with. The platform is not that big at the moment but it can be earned. My recommendation is to create content on your private page web, facebook, instagram ... and leave a clarity link through your work.
If you need extra help call me for 15 minutes.

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