I have website and need to load this content from This primary domain change could affect SEO for or will search engine treat it as a standard brand new domain?

If you propose your domain web hosting transfer well it should now not affect your search engine optimization rank.

I would do a copy of a website on the brand new server, modify the robots.txt on a new server to cover the modern-day website online and avoid any duplication then do 301 redirect and eliminate the site from vintage server good enough Modify robots.txt

Few other factors to consider:

1) Location of the brand new server – Google keeps the track of the IP website online it's miles used as one of the ranking parameters so if you keep the new server placed in the same place as the previous one it will help.

2) Server speed – If the website is loading slower than 2 seconds on the brand new server then it will affect your search engine marketing, choose an optimized and regarded server.

3) When you make the shift make certain you don’t have a protracted downtime as it has an extensive effect on search engine optimization. Leave the server on the current server till the switch is entire and then it's going to absorb to 72 hours for DNS propagation to the whole. DNS propagation is a time body after making any changes to your domain name.

Answered 2 years ago

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