Ask yourself these questions
1) Are you selling products that your customers don't need?
2) Do you have the right team?
3) Do you have laser-sharp focus?
4) Do you have legal issues?
5) Are you executing sales & marketing?
6) Are you located in a bad location?
7) Are you easily out competable?
8) Are you in peace with partners & co-founders?
9) Are you burning a lot of cash?
10) Are you learning from your own mistakes?
11) Are you raising too much money?
12) Do you have a proper road map?
13) Who are you chasing? An investor or a user?
14) Do you have good leadership?
15) Do you have good alliances & vendors?
16) Do you have a differentiation? USP?
17) Do you have a good business model?
18) Do you have a good revenue model?
19) Are you over expanding?
20) Do you have bad debts?
21) Is your execution slow? How slow?
22) Is your target set right?
23) Are you scaling prematurely?

Answered 2 years ago

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