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Ask yourself these questions
1) Are you selling products that your customers don't need?
2) Do you have the right team?
3) Do you have laser-sharp focus?
4) Do you have legal issues?
5) Are you executing sales & marketing?
6) Are you located in a bad location?
7) Are you easily out competable?
8) Are you in peace with partners & co-founders?
9) Are you burning a lot of cash?
10) Are you learning from your own mistakes?
11) Are you raising too much money?
12) Do you have a proper road map?
13) Who are you chasing? An investor or a user?
14) Do you have good leadership?
15) Do you have good alliances & vendors?
16) Do you have a differentiation? USP?
17) Do you have a good business model?
18) Do you have a good revenue model?
19) Are you over expanding?
20) Do you have bad debts?
21) Is your execution slow? How slow?
22) Is your target set right?
23) Are you scaling prematurely?

Since you've asked this question, I will assume that you're already aware of what affiliate marketing is.
With this in mind, I will share my experience of helping people with affiliate marketing along with my own affiliate marketing blog.

So here's what I did for my blog:

1. I picked up a niche that is profitable in terms of selling. For me it was electronics, gadgets. I was good at understanding how it works, so it makes easier for me to sell it via my blogs.
2. I created content around all the gadgets that we use in day to day to lives. The content majorly focuses on problems people are facing while using the technology products. This involved researching on the keywords, keywords that people use to describe the problems.
3. Research was the most lengthy process and is the most fun part. It tells you exactly where the pain point is. Furthermore, it is partially a one time thing. Once you do a decent amount of keyword research, you already have a lot of content to create on. Which will further trigger more problems as you interact more.
4. Taking care of SEO of my blog, as I wanted to reach to everyone who probably faces the same issue and searches for a solution online. I have researched enough to create awesome content that solves the end user's problems. So this, along with a decent SEO, I was able to rank at top of the SERPs pretty fast.
5. Keep researching for all the problems that users face, this time wider and on a large scale. I dug up reddit, Quora, Google search, YouTube etc for specific gadgets, & technology products/service.
6. Meanwhile I served people the solution they're looking for, I also kept building an email list which I would use as a sale blaster. Whenever there's a sale coming up, I'd send out an email with exactly instructions to enjoy the sale and my affiliate links in the email. This ensures, we two don't miss out on this opportunity.
7. I also kept growing social media accounts, serving the community with free but brief content and divert traffic to my blog, where the real business happen.

This was how, I would cover all three streams of online marketing in my favor. This is how I have done for my blog(s), my client's business and this is how I would suggest you to do the same.

I hope this helps. I'd love to help you with your business in terms of SEO, Social media marketing & email marketing.
Let's keep in touch.

School dance and piano lessons are two totally different poles. I'm not sure how you related the two as same.
However, if your domain has the word piano in it, it's okay to create a website around piano lessons as you have already mentioned.
Regarding the indexed links, you can resubmit the new sitemap in Google search console and inform the search engine about it. This way, your previously indexed pages will be deindexed in a day or two.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for clarifying your business model. This helps me help you better.
So, as part of strategy, I would suggest you to begin with global e-commerce giant, Amazon. Furthermore, I would suggest you to keep it exclusively on Amazon.
You can tell your existing customers to purchase your products on amazon and give them a coupon which they can use to get a discount. Also ask for their reviews (there are multiple ways to do that).

This helps you keep up the numbers that acts as a social proof on Amazon. People looking for the products you sell will find you product in the search results.
Since you have taken care of the numbers (sales & reviews) Amazon will promote your product to the top of the search result and hence increase the sales.

Meanwhile, I'd suggest you to create your own website and market it across all marketing channels like search engine, social media & email.
This includes bringing in customers via blogging, content marketing, videos, social media posts and newsletter.
Once you have a decent number of user base, you can then shift your focus from amazon to your own website.

The reason why you should consider your own website, is that Amazon is only getting 30% of every sale it makes (which is also the main reason why you should build your own website), so Amazon will increase its margin by selling same products as their own and rank it atop.

At the end of the day, you don't own the customers on amazon, or any platform for that matter. So in order to reach global customer base and increase profit margins, you should rely, invest & take very seriously on your own e-commerce website. You can do that using shopify or Woocommerce+Wordpress.

This is a 10,000 feet overview how I would get started with e-commerce business & this is how I have helped many of my clients.

If you need any help, feel free to book a call & I'll help you strategize in detail.

That's where many businesses go wrong. The businesses build a prototype first without performing any form of research of the market.

Sure, it begins with an idea but every idea comes from a source, a problem. Whenever you come up with an idea, it has the target audience by default.

I mean, it's the target audience who inspire entrepreneurs to come up with a solution to their problem.

You observe people, you observe what they're struggling with, and then find a solution and sell it to them.

Since you have already developed an app, you definitely will have a target audience. Every idea has.
I mean it begins from there. I'm not sure how you developed an app without deciding who's gonna use it.

If that isn't decided, how do you develop the app features?

Please help me understand more about your app, so that I can help you cultivate a strategy to find a niche or target audience.

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