Today many countries are facing economic downfall, so businesses are bound to have already got impacted due to this pandemic, and hence you question.

I have been guiding small and medium businesses during this phase, helping them make a concrete plan for their comeback. I would be happy to share the same with you. However, as I tend to research the businesses well before laying out a plan, so I would need specific details of your business like.
1) Is your business product/ service based ? If product, then what do you deal in?
2) If product, then are you a manufacturer or trader ?
3) What sale channels do you have (online / brick mortar etc)
4) Your country / city of business?

Above will give me a baseline to give you a detailed practical advise/on how to sustain this pandemic.

You may call me and reach me via this link.

Happy to help and stay strong !🙏

Answered 2 years ago

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