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As a BUSINESS COACH I undertake One on One Coaching / Consulting, Online Troubleshooting, Virtual Trainings & Talks on following areas

- Market Research & Analysis of your new/ existing venture
- Trend Analysis
- Retail Consultancy
- Goal Setting
- Business Financials
- Social media Marketing
- Manpower Planning & Management
- Sourcing & Inventory Management
- Customer communication, Conversion & Satisfaction
- Business Challenges & Behavior

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Possible solutions for Facebook authentication failed
1. Check connection - It may sound little silly but whenever you are facing Facebook Authentication Failed error, first you should check the internet connection. If you are using mobile data, switch to Wifi and see what happens.
2. Clear Cache and Data - If you see that internet connection is not a reason for Facebook Authentication Failed error, then next step is to clear both Cache and Data of the Facebook app. To do that, go to Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Facebook > Clear Cache and then Clear Data.
3. Reinstall the Facebook app - If you are still stuck with the error then uninstall the Facebook app. Then re-install the current version of Facebook going to Play Store if you are an android user. After the installation is done, reboot your phone and try to login. It should fix the issue. In most of the cases, Facebook Authentication Failed problem occurs because of obsolete version of the Facebook app.

Hope the above readines resolve your problem.
Else feel free to call me to help you with your query.

Moving domains can make a tremendously negative impact on search engine rankings. This is because the major search engines use metrics on both the domain level and the page level to determine rankings. When a webmaster decides to switch to a brand new domain, they are resetting their domain metrics to zero.

However if done careful, will save you from the impact.
I researched a blog for you. It might help you curtailing the impact.

Please feel free to connect with me through a call, if you need my further assistance.

Your question is so apt in today’s economy and I would like to take the opportunity of answering it based on my business experience. As you have not specified your line of business hence I will share some key factors to plan your Social Media Marketing strategy (SMM) and you can align them to your product/ service accordingly.
Social media in a nutshell is about connecting, building relationships and getting traffic from social media networks. Social Media Marketing is promotion of products and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, youtube etc. to gain traffic/attention.
Following are my points which are interlinked to each other, to kick start your SMM strategy -

1. GOAL – First & foremost step is to decide what do you want to achieve through SMM. Is it Brand awareness, Reach, Sales, generating traffic to your website or building customer relationship? Ask yourself what do you want to get out of social media participation? Your goal will greatly affect the type of content you publish and the activities you participate in on the social Web. When you are clear on your goal, you will be able to properly plan on how to achieve your goal. You can also consider doing paid social media promotion to achieve these goals.
2. TARGET AUDIENCE - Who are your potential customers, you want to attract? Where does your target audience spend time online? What kind of content and conversations does the audience get most vocal about? What kind of information do they want from you? What do they ignore? This information will help plan content they find useful and interesting. You as a business entity should be approachable and accessible, for them to interact with you. So figure out who is your audience.
3. GOOD CONTENT – It’s the era of quickness, so is the attention span of your potential customer. They will only spend more seconds on your content if it is relevant, consistent, appealing and engaging at an emotional level. Audience engagement is a key factor. Good content is seen as sharable as well. You need to consistently offer your audience amazing content, which also comes in the form of conversations. This creates loyal following of people who trust you as a source that can meet their needs and expectations.
4. SCHEDULE – Time your posts well. It is important to identify the day and time to post your content, which can increase or decrease your engagement. Social Media Calendar tools like Sprout social or Coschedule are helpful in scheduling your contents beforehand. I would recommend few weeks of research will give insight on timing.
5. INTEGRATED MARKETING – It’s a wise move to experiment on multiple platforms to market by posting your content. Apps like Buffer, Hootsuite help automate your efforts. Cross promote your efforts both online and offline, and ensure both work together seamlessly. At the end, all your efforts in social media marketing should feed off each other. Consumers interaction with a brand should be Omni-channel and multi-device.
6. UPGRADE– Being on top of your act is integral to sustain your marketing efforts. Either hire a professional to handle or keep learning and upgrading yourself to be effective in your marketing style.

I hope I was able to give you a roadmap on how to start SMM for your business. In case, you need further assistance with identifying above points for your business, feel free to plan a call with me. Thank you for your time.

For a startup, it is undoubtedly a milestone that you have bagged a decent number of customers who are keeping your business on. Congratulations!
Further to answer your question about picking the first best fitted marketing channel for growth, I would strongly recommend ‘SEO’ as one of the best marketing channel, based on my research and experience. Let me give you come insights regarding my choice -
- SEO is easy to plan and gives you a much wider online presence as compared to other channels.
- Today, search engines are the largest platforms for any business to build their presence, reach their prospective clients, grow their audience and customer base.
- You can target and reach a large number of relevant audience for your business. SEO helps a business attract this audience and bring it to your website.

In simple words - How does SEO works?
Firstly, it helps a business identity the right audience or searchers who are relevant and interested in their products and services. Knowing this is the first step for any kind of marketing, and this way one better plan how and whom to target. This is done with the help of keyword research. Searchers use keywords to find information or products on search engines. When you target those keywords in your website then you can target those searchers. And they become your targeted audience. This helps you plan better for your online success with SEO.
Secondly, SEO optimizes your website for those keywords to help you in two ways. One, it helps in ranking of those keywords on top pages. Only the keywords that rank on the first page of search engines get the share of traffic from that keyword. Second, when you optimize your web page for a keyword, you optimize it for what your visitor is looking for. So you can serve those visitors better when they visit your page. This helps in better conversion and helps in generating leads from the traffic.
Third and important thing SEO does for your online success is make your website rank higher for your targeted keywords with various off page SEO activities.

Above should be enough for you to decipher if SEO is apt for growth of your business.

Further I would like to add, that as per Brian Balfour (renowned growth hacker), there are 5 scalable growth channels.
1) SEO: Mint, Hubspot
2) SEM / DISPLAY: TripAdvisor and other online comparison sites with high LTV eg. car insurance
3) FACEBOOOK: Zygna, Instagram, Upworthy
4) VIRAL / WORD OF MOUTH: Uber, Snapchat, Evernote, Groupon
5) SALES / PARTNERSHIPS: Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, PayPal
The most successful startups of the last decade, have scaled to millions of users globally by tapping into 1 or max 2 of these channels.

Hence you are right, it is not wise to start with both (GOOGLE/ FB). Above channels have played a key role in growth. However, you are the best judge for which one best fits your market and target audience.
In case, you need assistance in knowing the right channel for your business. Please feel free to share your business details with me to guide you through the best fitted channel of marketing for your business growth. I am just a phone call away.


Hoping you are in the best of your health amidst this pandemic. Coming to your question, following are 3 avenues to buying an e-commerce site:
- Shopify Exchange if a marketplace you can use to buy the said business.
- Flippa - Auction sites, where you can go bid for an online business for sale.
- Online business brokers namely Digital Exits & FE International are helpful.
- Contacting Online Business Owners Directly is the last option. While you do that, it would be nice to a bit of research using tools like Alexa, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to get a more behind-the-scenes look into the health of the business.

Another good site for you to refer is

Lastly go through the link below which you some good 10 market places to buy e commerce business.

I have personal experience of selling a business. Feel free to call me, in case you looking for some advice on how to pick a good ecommerce site, the salient points to confirm before buying. Such as focussing on profits than the 7/ 8 digit GMV is critical. Vendors and brokers like to push the turnover figure because it looks impressive.

You can reach me here...

Today many countries are facing economic downfall, so businesses are bound to have already got impacted due to this pandemic, and hence you question.

I have been guiding small and medium businesses during this phase, helping them make a concrete plan for their comeback. I would be happy to share the same with you. However, as I tend to research the businesses well before laying out a plan, so I would need specific details of your business like.
1) Is your business product/ service based ? If product, then what do you deal in?
2) If product, then are you a manufacturer or trader ?
3) What sale channels do you have (online / brick mortar etc)
4) Your country / city of business?

Above will give me a baseline to give you a detailed practical advise/on how to sustain this pandemic.

You may call me and reach me via this link.

Happy to help and stay strong !🙏

As I see you seem to have got some really good answers. So to add firstly, I would like to vote for Amazon as one of the best channels for selling. Over 40% of the total unit sales on Amazon are generated by 3rd party selection on the site, making it a right choice for those who wish to sell internationally. You can sell in more than 30 product categories, access 11 global marketplaces (with Australia coming soon), and use FBA and FBA Export to take care of shipping and customer service from 109 fulfilment centres.

Followed by eBay, selling internationally on eBay gives buyers the chance to bid on items or purchase them at a fixed price. After setting up a seller account, you can increase visibility by purchasing an international listing upgrade, or you can visit any of eBay’s 26 international sites to post products directly to those marketplaces.

Lastly and most importantly, as a business coach I would like to suggest you to study and delve about a company by the name of 'Pride of India'. They have been selling a product similar to the one you mentioned on under Health and Household category. For their Organic Turmeric Latte Spice mix they seem to have a decent enough review (466 reviews & 4.1 rating ) on Amazon. It would be a good idea to research their marketing strategy before entering the market. It's always good to study your competition beforehand to learn your own USP.

Let me know if you need any additional information or guidance. I would be happy to assist you further over a call. Best of your luck.

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