Amazon, E-bay, Shopee or my own website? We are selling a turmeric latte spice mix, which people can mix with their milk and drink in the morning as a healthy beverage. This spice mix contains essential spices that help to fight infections and lifestyle diseases. The spices are manufactured and packed in Singapore, and we want to market and sell the turmeric latte spice mix to places where the benefits of spices are not very well known and not commonly used. We are confused in which markets and through what online channels should we sell the spice mix. Instead of using the E-Commerce Marketplaces, we can even build a funnel via clickfunnels, or sell on a shopify website. How should we start, and how should we scale later.

Thanks for clarifying your business model. This helps me help you better.
So, as part of strategy, I would suggest you to begin with global e-commerce giant, Amazon. Furthermore, I would suggest you to keep it exclusively on Amazon.
You can tell your existing customers to purchase your products on amazon and give them a coupon which they can use to get a discount. Also ask for their reviews (there are multiple ways to do that).

This helps you keep up the numbers that acts as a social proof on Amazon. People looking for the products you sell will find you product in the search results.
Since you have taken care of the numbers (sales & reviews) Amazon will promote your product to the top of the search result and hence increase the sales.

Meanwhile, I'd suggest you to create your own website and market it across all marketing channels like search engine, social media & email.
This includes bringing in customers via blogging, content marketing, videos, social media posts and newsletter.
Once you have a decent number of user base, you can then shift your focus from amazon to your own website.

The reason why you should consider your own website, is that Amazon is only getting 30% of every sale it makes (which is also the main reason why you should build your own website), so Amazon will increase its margin by selling same products as their own and rank it atop.

At the end of the day, you don't own the customers on amazon, or any platform for that matter. So in order to reach global customer base and increase profit margins, you should rely, invest & take very seriously on your own e-commerce website. You can do that using shopify or Woocommerce+Wordpress.

This is a 10,000 feet overview how I would get started with e-commerce business & this is how I have helped many of my clients.

If you need any help, feel free to book a call & I'll help you strategize in detail.

Answered 2 years ago

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