Ideally, what should the relationship be between (a) the problem solved by the lead magnet and (b) the problem solved by paid service or offering?

Articles such as recommend creating lead magnets that solves your audience's problem immediately. To quote "Your audiences are constantly looking for a solution to their problem immediately. If your lead magnet can fulfill that gap, you will be building an email list in no time." Here is my question: If one has a paid service or offering that solves a particular problem for customers, what problem should the lead magnet target to solve? In other words, how should the problem solved by the lead magnet relate with the problem solved by the paid service or offering? Here is a situation as an example: The paid offering is an online subscription service that helps investors manage their retirement savings. Here are some possible lead magnet types and examples: Type 1. Lead magnet offers the solution to the same problem in general terms Example: Lead magnet describes the steps involved in managing retirement savings Type 2. Lead magnet offers the solution to a part of problem tackled by the paid offering Example: Lead magnet describes how to analyze specific type of investments used in retirement savings account Type 3. Lead magnet provides the full solution for a short duration. Example: Lead magnet allows prospects to try the paid subscription service free of charge for a week. Type 4. Lead magnet solves a complementary problem Example: Lead magnet shows how to compare different brokerage accounts (brokerage accounts are commonly required to manage retirement savings). How does one go about assessing which lead magnet is likely to work best? What factors should be considered in choosing the lead magnet?


Your lead magnet should come directly from your offering. Your full offering should contain a lot of “wins” for your customers throughout the lifetime of your relationship with them. Your lead magnet should be 1 of those wins. This demonstrates that the full offering is worth it because your customer now trust that you can deliver. The bigger the “win” in the lead magnet the higher potential the customer will convert to a paying customer. Message me if you want to full figure this out for your business.

Answered 4 years ago

I've been creating lead magnets for online entrepreneurs for years to help them build their email list and sell their higher ticket products.

Think of your lead magnet as solving a problem, or answering a question that your target customer would have prior to getting to the solution you offer.

For example, with an online subscription service that helps investors manage retirement savings account, the lead magnet could be:

- a checklist of 10 mistakes high income earners make with their retirement accounts, so they don't make the same mistakes.

- an ebook about 5 online platforms that are disrupting the retirement savings space.

-an article about a remarkable story of someone who increased their retirement savings 50% by doing XYZ.

Your lead magnet should solve a problem where the next logical step (after they get their question answered) is to buy the thing you offer.

There's a plethora of options and angles out there. If you have any additional questions, I'm available for a call.

Answered 4 years ago

I agree with Chalmers that a lead magnet must tie directly to your offering.
Additionally, testing and measuring is an essential part of any marketing effort.
So develop three or four different messages, try each one with different segments of your target audience and monitor the response.
If one generates a lot of interest, consider building out an effort around that appeal.
If one generates a lackluster response, then cut it. You can consider reworking it for a future effort, but for now, focus on the one(s) that work.
Good luck and please let me know if you need more assistance – I’ve trimmed my rate in response to the current global uncertainties.

Answered 4 years ago

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