How does people survive this hardship


faith, hard work, friends and family :-)

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Answered a year ago

Most hardships are best survived by preparation. How to prepare? It depends on the context and goals.

For both home and business there is insurance of different types. This could be a financial instrument or just an ample supply of food.

What happens when it is too late to prepare for the current event? Prepare for the next event and the learning will likely be applicable to helping you survive. In general acting quickly and decisively is best. I am happy to help you come up with a plan if you provide further details.

Answered a year ago


As a business owner and mother of 2, we were hit from all angles. After acknowledging reality, we observed the market, engaged a few customers in what their needs were, adapted our business model and service offering and pushed it out.

Of course there was the family side as well.

At the end of the day it's ensuring that you have the right mental capacity and motivation to get what you need done. The mental capacity and motivation is the hardest, in my opinion.

You may want to hire an accountability coach to get you through what you need to do. Often, we put other people's needs first, and ours last. Having an accountability coach and sharing your goals, makes YOU accountable to do what you need to, to get through this.

Happy to chat, to share how we did it.

Answered a year ago

Like most challenges in life. A strong mindset, a positive focus, and staying grounded in gratitude can help one bear most hardships in a dignified manner.

Personally I find the counsel of renowned stoics like Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca helpful. It's about owning what we can control and making the best out of them, and relinquishing anything/any person outside our control.
Other useful strategies, is to stay immersed in a passion project, studies, or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Stay away from too much toxic TV, Mainstream news, negative people e.t.c. Find whatever helps you process your emotions and self-express. For me, it's movement, writing, and reading great works. Find whatever aids you. Take life one day at a time, and refrain from overthinking and over-analyzing. From my experience, this will only keep you stuck in a rut. Feel free to reach out on my clarity profile where I offer mindset and wellness coaching.

Answered a year ago

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