How would you monetize this idea?

I want to start a platform that helps teens and young adults prepare to navigate the real world - from filing taxes to job interviews, health insurance, renting/buying a place, saving for retirement. We will partner with relevant companies offering insurance, banks, career prep etc. I suppose this would be an affiliate scheme? Or pay to list? Just wondering if there's another way to monetize? Like partnering with companies or unis?


I would not monetize this idea at first. I feel your platform needs to be able to provide this service prior to trying to charge companies to list their services. I feel this way for two reason, I as a customer would not trust the platform as I would believe that it only exists to pressure me to contract the services of the companies that paid to be there. I as a company would not want to put my company's reputation at risk prior to the platform having a good reputation on the market.

Answered 4 years ago

I agree with many of the previous comments with one caveat - if you can find a dedicated population to sell this to and make the content specific to them, it could a scalable idea. My first thought was this would be a compelling educational platform for foster youth that could be monitized through local and federal government contracts. Create the platform, prove the concept (by offering content for free and getting users) and then partner with an enterprise or large entity. Good luck!

Answered 4 years ago

Hello. Interesting idea. Partnering with companies and universities is certainly a good option. However I think that although you are catering to young adults, your target customer are parents of these young people since parents are the one who will have a huge influence in decision making process. So, keeping that in mind, you could also partner with banks where most of the young people open their accounts or with big MNC's where people work. A lot of MNC's have childcare companies tied with them so that their young parent employees could benefit from the services. Interesting idea indeed! Maybe we can have some more discussion to generate more details.
P.S: I am new to this platform but old with my skills.

Answered 4 years ago

you have a good idea but that is not what will make you enough money. do you consider providing such services and for people who want to live in the USA I think they would find a much larger range of people.
I would be assist you with the organization of your business and promotion. Of course, the marketing plan would be free for the next 6 months.
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Already doing this on my YouTube Along with many others.

Answered 4 years ago

If you can take a discount from your partners (insurance and so on) you can sell the subscription to you customers that will save their money due to discounts on your platform.

Answered 4 years ago

Hope this answer finds you well and Safe,
This is certainly a good, scalable and sustainable idea, that can be monetized in several ways and through different strategies, however, these strategies, their timing and implementation are subject to several variables, of which, the different products, their segmentation, the platform, the market, and maturity of the project.
To better advise you, it would be great to know where you are now in the project, at what stage, and the resources you have allocated for it.
Should you choose to take it further, I can assist you, all the way from where you currently are , till monetization and beyond, through analysis, marketing and business development strategies, monetization, market penetration and more.
And I decreased the call cost to about 2$/min
Good luck 👍

Answered 4 years ago

Ultimately, it depends on what your strengths are, and what contacts, connections, resources, and levers that you can utilize.

There are a lot of different ways to monetize this. I would focus on one of the area first, and look to partner with a non-profit organization who has an aligned mission. Trying to cover Job interviews, financial education, Real estate, and investing is a big undertaking. Focus on one, gain traction and expand.

For financial literacy, organizations like Junior Achievement have a local chapter with active programs in financial literacy for students. They also already have existing relationships with local banks, and big donors.

Non-profits are always looking for new programing and content. If you have the content, you can build a relationship with the non-profit where their corporate sponsors buy your programs at a wholesale rate, and your program is distributed through the reach of the non-profit.

The other option is to create micro courses for each topic, and create a monthly or annual subscription model to access all the courses. This turns you into a media company where you will need to be creating new content on a monthly or annual basis to provide continual value, and keep customers paying.

Happy to hop on a call and jam on any other ideas or angles that you think play to your strengths.

Answered 4 years ago

How to monetize + how to partner are 2x different activities.

To monetize, follow the model.

To partner, just get on the phone + start talking with people + companies.

All very simple. Just takes time + work.

Answered 4 years ago

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