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when you say 'raising money' do you mean from investors or from the users (in which case you mean your business model)?
If you're referring to your business model, then here are some common options: advertising, affiliate programs/leads, up-selling of related products or services, etc.
If you meant raising money from investors, then it is very important to them to see a clear business model which can realistically generate profits. Many startups think: I'll get tens/hundreds of thousands of users and then I'll be bought out by a big company. This is rarely the case unless you have millions of users. So, you either need to show investors that you have a clear, realistic business model, or that you have a lot of users, that the number is growing, and that the users are recurring users (there are other stats, but these are the main ones).
If you give me more details I'd be happy to give you more specific advice.
Good luck
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Answered 2 years ago

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