Will live stream shopping work for furniture & interior decor?

Looking to build something where we work with partners to feature new products or just feature their store with shoppable links. Are people as open to shopping for furniture online as they are to clothes? And what are the potential revenue streams for this?


Yes, people will be interested - I say this because there are numerous websites that already offer this service. Take a look at Houzz for example.
As for models, almost all the known online models would work: advertising, affiliates, commission, fermium etc...
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Answered 19 days ago


As an online blogger and someone who sells digital products, I will say that people have an interest in buying live products. If you look at TV networks such as HSN and QVC you will see that live streaming your products will allow people to see the benefit of your products live.

You revenue will be good or sales revenue, where you will see your products to consumers to make a profit. This will be categorized as transaction-based revenue for you products. Considering that you have a furniture and interior design products you should consider social media platforms to give you more reach for your products.

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Answered 18 days ago

A good idea is to create customer trust and I think you will have no problems selling in this field

Answered 18 days ago

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