How secure is with content and recordings?

Looking over's TOS and Privacy, I couldn't see any notes regarding the calls. What's the security with all calls and its data stream? I didn't read EVERYTHING in detail for the TOS and PP, but I'm guessing all conversations all not really private if routes all voice through their servers? I mean, nothing within the US is not really "secure" at all with the amount of wild laws, breaches, disasters around "holes" in the system for various big well known companies. clearly states in the TOS that ALL content should be run through their system, and that no sharing of other mediums is allow, simply to keep users "safe". I'm pretty sure I would rather pick Telegram for secure messaging and voice than


If you feel that Clarity isn’t secure enough for your needs, you’re welcome to use another platform. Also, if you have something that’s extremely private, your welcome to use another platform.
Clarity is a great platform with great customer support. I’ve needed them numerous times and they’ve always been super responsive and helpful. I only wish they promoted the platform even more.
Good luck

Answered 4 years ago

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