Quick feedback on ecommerce idea?

What: A website that lets you shop cool and unique decor you see in hotels/restaurants/bars/high end vacation rentals worldwide. Questions 1. Does something like this already exist? 2. Should it be an app or a website? 3. Should I have own e-commerce built in or just have outbound links? 4. What other steams of revenue can be included? 5. How do I test if there's a need for this?


1. Similar things exist - like Houzz. But that doesn't mean there isn't a need - see point 5.
2. Probably a progressive web app (this is an app that's actually a website but looks like an app). It really depends on the key functions that you need.
3 + 4: I would not buy products and then sell them. Too much of a logistics and liability issue - unless it's drop shipping. Revenue streams: affiliate programs (for selling products), eCommerce (sale of specific products that are easy to store and ship), advertising, selling leads...lots...
5. See my answer on how to do market validation here:
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Answered 4 years ago

Dear Sir / Madam My recommendation is that you do not enter this business because there are over 900K stores on the internet and you are only one in a row and if you have a great idea it will not make you profit focus on local sales.

Answered 4 years ago

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