please help me to decide: should I use AMP or should I turn it off?

we have a legal marketplace ( and we use content marketing on our blog ( to attract users from google. We observed that the traffic came to our AMP pages (accelerated mobile pages) are increasing. but the problem is for this segment of incoming traffic, bounce rate and exit rate is very hight and conversion rate is low. So we started a test and turn the amp plugin in WordPress off. after that, we saw that traffic decreased, the bounce rate and exit rate decreased and conversion rate increased. but at the same time, our mobile page rank on google decreased as well. So what should we do? please tell me on your long term experiences that we should using amp pages or we should not using?


Personally I stopped using amp pages. Sure, it speeds up your site a little bit if it's a blog but I feel they're a worst user experience than having your regular site load on a faster server.

The reason you're most likely seeing a high bounce rate because if someone is reading on Google News they can scroll though though the amp articles by swiping.

Answered 4 years ago

Metrics that you are analyzing are percentage, It means if integers values decreased probably percentages will increase. So, you need to understand what are website long-terms top ranking. If you provided information contents without a call-to-action or your blog user experience is no good, probably your blog wil keep a low performance.

Answered 4 years ago

If you notice that AMP is causing conversion decreases, I would have to suggest avoid using it.

You do not need to rely on AMP to improve mobile page rank.

Try doing things like keyword-optimized internal linking (perhaps via a Related articles section at the end of your posts), and mobile footer optimization. Be sure to use structured data (Schema) wherever possible as well.

Remember to build quality backlinks to each page you hope to rank.

In my experience, many sites do benefit from using AMP for faster page load speeds, but usually at some cost to conversion.

If any questions come up, shoot me a message.


Answered 4 years ago

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