How much to charge for calls on Clarity?

I absolutely love this platform. I have had 50 calls with social entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders over the years, and have had nothing but rave reviews. I would love to have 1 or 2 calls every week (or day!); it is not about the money, but the chance to quickly make a great impact on people who are trying to positively impact the world. (I am honestly only charging so that they take the call seriously; I often have free follow-up calls after the initial calls just to continue helping them.) I charge the lowest rate ($1/minute) because I want to ensure that I am accessible to those who most need it; but I wonder if doing so might create a perception of low value, and potentially reduce call volume. Just today, a Clarity caller told me "you should definitely charge more." I am wondering: has anyone experienced a significant change when adjusting your rate? Again, my goal is not to generate more income, but to increase my impact to reach more people. Am I correct in assuming that a lower price will reduce the barriers to callers, and increase call volume? Or could a slightly higher price increase the perceived value (and therefore the likelihood of a call)?


It's great that you're trying to help as many people as possible, well done.
From a pricing point of view - price does effect how value is perceived (this is a proven and researched fact). So I would select a slightly higher rate that $1.
Good luck

Answered 4 years ago

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