Can you recommend an advisor to discuss mental approach to sport. How to overcome apprehension and lack of belief.

I need to discuss a modern approach to confidence in my sport, which is table tennis.


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Answered 5 years ago

This is an excellent question that goes to different parameters. In my work with many professionals world-wide Confidence is an issue that often comes up. Some apprehensions are actually beneficial and some are not. Belief in yourself is a key and as The life coach for the pros I chart these inroads. As I was a professional athlete myself I understand you from inside and can relate in a practical level. Feel free to contact me- Eli

Answered 5 years ago

Mind is the maker and destroyer of any thing in human world. If you could just know how you could overcome those small moments you could overcome anything. It's small matters which we often ignore affects us the most and lack of belief is a part of it. Sports is the field where you need the biggest element of "presence of mind" which could only come with the help of "self confidence or belief". Let me share my journey with you as I am a motivational speaker and let me be your guide unlike others I will guide you through it hand to hand. See you.

Answered 5 years ago

Coming from a football coaching background, mental toughness and fortitude are kind of my things. Overcoming these mental obstacles are the keys to success and out weigh the importance of physical attributes. Negative beliefs, self-labels, and irrational thoughts can overwhelm athletes often before the competition even begins.
By the time the competition starts, lack of confidence is already a foregone conclusion.

I can not recommend anyone else for this, because i'm the guy. If you want to get started on the road to mental clarity and the right attitude to perform. Call me and get started ASAP.

Answered 4 years ago

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Answered 4 years ago

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Answered 4 years ago

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