Who should I hire for assistance with creating a LinkedIn profile?

I am wondering if anyone of you provides LinkedIn content creation service from scratch (on 100% empty profile) and would be willing to assist me to get the perfect FULL content? I could have done it on my own but I would prefer expert in this field: expert in entrepreneurship business consulting who understands (i do but not as much as you) that my profile should be created in a way that people in either B2B or B2C will contact me as qualified prospect and inquire me about my offers. On Fiverr website are several such profile writers but I need very experienced business entrepreneur. I searched on Clarity for experts on my own: many of them have LinkedIn category given in their/your profile(s) but didn't find anyone that offers a service of profile development from scratch.


You are correct that having a good LinkedIn profile (and presence) is important and helpful from business aspects.
I believe that (1) I have a good LinkedIn profile, (2) I am an entrepreneur, and (3) I am active on LinkedIn.
If you'll provide all the necessary, accurate, and truthful information about your credentials, I can create your profile - including 2-3 rounds of corrections (if needed).
One last point: In your message you wrote: " a way that people...will contact me as a qualified prospect...". It is important to note, that (just) having a professional profile, will not cause people to request your services (and anyone who says otherwise is misleading you). Just like many other aspects in life, you need to put in the work. Meaning that you have to have good/decent credentials (past experience), and to be active on LinkedIn: adding valuable content, commenting, creating connections, helping other etc.
I can help you create the profile, and give you advice on what activities you should do. The rest is up to you (unless you are also looking for someone to maintain your account, but this is less advised and a waste of money).
I've successfully helped over 300 entrepreneurs, and I'd be happy to help you as well.
good luck

Answered 5 years ago


I have had a LinkedIn profile since 2013 and my job as a technology sales executive requires me to peruse many different LinkedIn profiles every single day in hopes of prospecting and grabbing people's attention. There have been many LinkedIn profiles that I have seen- good and bad.

You should be the one writing your business profile on LinkedIn because this is YOUR personal brand. It is does not belong to anyone else and you should be the one to take utmost care in creating your value proposition from your LinkedIn profile that caters to your target audience. No one else should be able to articulate your business value as well as you can.

That being said, I can definitely get on a call and offer you tips and pointers on how to structure a successful LinkedIn profile but I want to reiterate that NO one will be able to help you get your "perfect full content" that can act as a super magnet for qualified lead inquiries because qualified prospects, at least in the beginning, need to come from targeted, sniper-approach outreach to your ideal target audience.

Happy to jump on a call to explain in more detail how to do successful outreach and subsequently using that same outreach to eventually create qualified inbound inquiries about your offers.

Answered 5 years ago

Senior Branding Specialists are more seasoned writers and are LinkedIn experts. They offer a high-level, professional experience from start to finish. Your Senior Branding Specialist will create a unique and compelling profile that spotlights your background, experiences, and brands you as a high-level individual.

Answered 5 years ago

This may help you. On my business podcast, "Bacon Wrapped Busines" (Shameless self plug) I just interviewed an expert at this named Jimmy Coleman.

You can hear the full interview here:

And yes, he helps with this exact stuff.

Question: What is your business?

Answered 5 years ago

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