How do you target new business owners before they have acquired a location, or purchased their signage?

I would like to target new business owners who have yet to find a solution for their signage (sign on their building). Any ideas where you could get in contact with them or places they visit virtually? I'm able to find new businesses using the Secretary of State's website, however it offers no contact information. Thanks!


As your question is complex, and requires data to target new companies, here are 3 strategies which could give you start in targeting:

Here are 3 concrete strategies:

Strategy 1: If you have first/last name, City, zip code, street, phone, then you can create a CSV list and upload the data to Facebook Audience, then you will be able to target those specific people with Facebook Ads.

Strategy 2: If you have the company website, upload the company websites of the target companies to Linkedin, choose the Job Title position you want to target, and Linkedin will show ads only to those companies, and to those job titles.

Strategy 3: If you have the domain of the website, you can create generic emails such as, and send your proposal to them. Generating generic emails are legal as they are not connected to a specific contact.

To implement this 3 strategies, i presume 300$ will be a good fit to start with, if you want to target just a city. Also dont forget to create a landing page too.

Answered 4 years ago

These are top of funnel leads, and I think we go and get them as they are beginning the process of thinking of moving.

I would:

- Seek out a moving company for B2b moves.
-Seek to network with attorneys to see if you can gget them leads.
-Taget (ads wise) on Facebook familiar phrases for top-of-funnel work.

Answered 4 years ago

A client asked me to solve this same problem recently. We tried many things. Landing pages with facebook ads was somewhat successful. The most successful method was reaching out to businesses that help people incorporate and commercial real estate agents. We offered them services and commission in exchange for hot leads

Answered 4 years ago

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