I'm after my first startup fail and main reason for that was lack of experience, hard idea and due to my age, limitations. Right now my partner wants to create next company, but I've started considering other idea - I'm 16. Cannot I delay my startup for 2 years, for example, and during this period actively learn, gain contacts, do other projects (Currently, I've started one very experiencing) and so on? Also - I'm on a good way to become front&back end developer and I think, mastering it, before getting into startup could be very helpful for my future startups. What do you think? Thanks

It's more important that you increase your skills and contacts because this is 80% of your startup success.

On another note, perhaps you don't have to found a "startup", but you could start a side hustle or small business online?

You could use any number of marketplace platforms to sell your next product/service without having to build a company of your own from scratch.

I know, it isn't as glamorous as being a "startup founder".

But at 16, you have plenty of time to realize your dreams in many different ways, with lowest amount of risks (no spouse, children, mortgage or groceries that rely on a steady income).

Happy to have a straight to the point talk on how you can continue building your skillset and contacts-- while working on your side-hustle, before you launch your next startup.


Answered 7 months ago

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